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CoreTech - Level 2

The beginner series focuses on developing your low flow skills and dance. During Beginner 2 you will further develop your library of foundational skills and continue to master your skills in low flow dance.

CoreTech - Level 6

Level 5 and 6 focuses on developing your library of movements to add to your performances. During Level 6 you will plan, choreograph, rehearse and perform your own pole performance.

CoreTech - Level 3

Level 3 focuses on introducing you to aerial flows and transitions. During Level 3 you will learn a number of gravity defying and jaw dropping aerial tricks.

CoreTech - Level 5

Level 5 and 6 focuses on developing your library of movements to add to your performances. During Level 5 you will be encouraged to start directing your own training and development.

CoreTech - Level 4

CoreTech Level 4 focuses on developing your aerial flows and transitions. During Intermediate 2 you will further develop your aerial tricks, focusing on improving your precision of execution.

CoreTech - Level 1

CoreTech Level 1 focuses on developing your low flow skills and dance. In Level 1 you will learn the 5 foundational moves and how to link them together to form a performance in only 8 weeks!

Psychedelic Spin

Psychedelic Spin by Dolly, a fast dynamic trip to the dark side of pole. Neon lights, smoke and high energy Trance music bring the enegy of a music festival to pole!

Liquid Luxe

Liquid luxe is Exotic, Erotic and down right sexy. Learn to flaunt it in this gorgeous flowing style by Morgan and embrace poles heritage built in the clubs!

What Makes Luxe Special?

Relationships, Not Memberships

You are so much more to us than a membership number. We firmly believe that if we build and value the relationships with our students then they will naturally want to be apart of our community

A Place To Be You

We are proudly owned by two queer, ex strippers. We will never hide who we are, and neither should you. Regardless of your Age, Race, Gender, Self Expression or who you love, we welcome you

Beautiful and Peaceful

Our studio is purposefully built to be calming and peaceful, rather than industrial or harsh. Pole Dance is your daily escape and happy place, a great studio should help you get away.

Embrace, Dont Erase

Sensuality and Sexuality are beautiful and integral parts of being human. We proudly embrace and are inspired by pole dances exotic heritage and the powerful women who created it.

Why our students love luxe

Student Testamonials

"Within weeks of starting at Luxe I noticed a dramatic increase in strength, flexibility and most importantly....confidence.  
The studio is a bright, fun, inclusive and supportive space with excellent facilities. I would recommend to anyone interested in exploring the unique and challenging classes offered in this space."

"The classes have helped me immensely with both my performances on the pole and my physical fitness.  For me, what really sets STRPR apart is getting the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people and having a safe, shared space to learn in."

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