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Luxe Pole and Aerial is the perfect place to start your pole dance journey, transform your body, embrace your exotic side and meet amazing new friends.

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Get fit, feel sexy and make new friends.

All while doing something you love.

Fitness you'll actually enjoy

Pole Dance with Luxe Pole and Aerial is unlike any other fitness program you've tried before. People do pole dance for FUN, not because their protein chugging PT told them to.


Forget Reps and Sets


Get strong, not just skinny


Build your body confidence


Pole fitness really does work, not because its
somehow "magical", but because you enjoy doing it!

Build your confidence,

starting from the inside.

Pole dance is an exotic form of dance, where your body is celebrated for how it moves and what it can do, not just what it looks like.

But pole dance also lets you express your wild and exotic side shamelessly. At Luxe you will always be supported and encouraged to embrace that side of you, building the confidence to express yourself.

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Love your body for what it can do

Progress in Pole Dance is measured in new tricks and skills, helping you to love your body for more than just its weight.

Embrace your exotic side

Build your confidence by learning to express your wild and exotic side shamelessly and authentically.

Unconditional support

Pole Dance can feel a little scary at first, but at Luxe our incredible community of dancers will support you every step of the way.

Be part of a warm and welcoming community

When you join Luxe, you don't just join a studio, you join a community, a family of dancers who support and encourage each other.

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Say no to bad vibes

Luxe is a strictly judgement free zone. Everyone at Luxe, staff or student, are expected to care, support and encourage each other. No exceptions!

Lets get social

Make lifelong friends and be a part of our thriving community with our Studio social nights, held every 6 week at the end of each block to celebrate your progress.

Show off what you've learnt

As part of our social nights, students are given the oppurtunity to show off what they've learnt in in-house performances in front of friends.

How do I get Started?

Joining Luxe is super easy

Learning to dance with Luxe is really easy. Simply enter your details here and one of our amazing team members will be in contact with your shortly to organise your studio welcome session.
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